Top ChoiceHistoric Site in Kawaihae & Around

Puʻukohola Heiau National Historic Site

By 1790 Kamehameha the Great had conquered Maui, Lanaʻi and Molokaʻi. But power over his home island of Hawaiʻi was a challenge. When told by a prophet that he would rule all of the Hawaiian Islands if he built a...

Beach in Kawaihae & Around

Spencer Beach Park

Shallow, sandy and gentle, this beach lacks the dramatic sweep of Mauna Kea or Hapuna, but it's ideal for kids and popular with local families. Come to swim rather than to snorkel; the waters are slightly silty...

Factory in Kawaihae & Around

Hamakua Macadamia Nut Company

It's a tourist stop, but a darned good one, featuring a spanking-clean factory, gift shop and generous free samples. This eco-conscious company generates much of its energy needs from solar power and a little bit...

Beach in Kawaihae & Around

Pua Ka ʻIlima ʻO Kawaihae

This park, which seems to be in a perpetual state of work-in-progress, encompasses 1.4 acres of beach by the Kawaihae breakwater and is the most accessible surfing spot in the area. Historical tidbit: Kawaihae...

Gardens in Kawaihae & Around

Pua Mau Place Botanic & Sculpture Garden

In a region that receives only 3in to 10in of annual rainfall, this 13-acre botanic and sculpture garden is a questionable endeavor, but is of interest to botanophiles and those who appreciate a giant statue of a...

Harbor in Kawaihae & Around

Kawaihae Harbor

This sunny harbor is a good spot for a picnic or a place to just chill and watch the boats roll in. Beware of flies that swarm by the rubbish bins.