Historic Site in Kaunakakai

Kapuaʻiwa Coconut Grove

Molokaʻi was the favorite island playground of Kamehameha V. He had the royal 10-acre Kapuaʻiwa Coconut Grove planted near his sacred bathing pools in the 1860s. Standing tall about a mile west of downtown, the...

Park in Kaunakakai

One Aliʻi Beach Park

Three miles east of town, this park is split into two areas. One side has a coconut-palm-lined shore, a playing field, a children's playground, a rundown picnic pavilion and bathrooms, and although not especially...

Port in Kaunakakai

Kaunakakai Wharf

Come here to witness Molokaʻi's busy commercial lifeline. OK, it's not that busy… a freight barge occasionally chugs in, skippers unload their catch of the day, and a local boat club practices for a canoe race. A...

Landmark in Kaunakakai

Softball Field

The local softball field is usually busy. It's off Ainoa St next to the baseball field.

Landmark in Kaunakakai

Baseball Field

This local baseball field is a prominent landmark on the east side of town, off Ainoa St.

Historic Site in Kaunakakai

Church Row

Across from the coconut grove is Church Row. Any denomination that attracts a handful of members receives its own little tract of land. Religion in general is very popular on Molokaʻi; there are many churches and...