Welcome to Kahekili Highway

Not for the faint of heart, some sections slow to just 5mph as the road wraps around blind curves; a lengthy stretch around the village of Kahakuloa is just one lane with cliffs on one side and a sheer drop on the other – if you meet oncoming traffic here you may be doing your traveling in reverse! But if you can handle that, this largely overlooked route offers all sorts of adventures, with horse and hiking trails, a mighty blowhole and delicious banana bread.

Don’t be fooled by car-rental maps that show the road as a dotted line – it’s paved and open to the public the entire way. There are no services, so gas up beforehand. Give yourself a good two hours’ driving time, not counting stops. If you get stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle, it could take much longer.

Property between the highway and the coast is both privately and publicly owned. Trails to the shore are often uneven, rocky and slippery, and the coast is subject to dangerous waves. If you decide to explore, take appropriate precautions, and get access permission when possible.

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