Temple in Akoni Pule Highway

Moʻokini Heiau

It's off the beaten path, but this heiau (temple), near ʻUpolu Point at Hawaiʻi's northernmost tip, is among the oldest (c AD 480) and most historically significant Hawaiian sites. Measuring about 250ft by 125ft,...

Historic Site in Akoni Pule Highway

Lapakahi State Historical Park

This park was a remote fishing village 600 years ago. An unshaded, 1-mile loop trail traverses the 262-acre grounds, passing the remains of stone walls, house sites, canoe sheds and fishing shrines. Visitors can...

Landmark in Akoni Pule Highway

Site of Kamehameha's Birth

A series of low stone walls overlaid on windy grassy fields is all that is left of the birthplace of the most famous monarch in Hawaiian history. Located near Moʻokini Heiau.

Beach in Akoni Pule Highway

Kapaʻa Beach Park

This seaside park offers a covered picnic area with welcome shade, few people and public toilets. It is simple and clean, with nice coastal and Maui views and a little scalloped bay of blue water. The water is...