When Kilauea Iki erupted in 1959, wind-born spatter toasted the rainforest to the south, stripping trees bare and burying the soil under feet of hot cinder. The resultant wasteland is now slowly being repopulated with stalwart ohia trees, ferns and ʻohelo shrubs. This trail is only 0.5 miles long, paved, and wheelchair-accessible, but offers fantastic views of distant Mauna Loa looming behind Kilauea caldera.

The prominent cinder cone you'll see along the way is Puʻu Puaʻi (Gushing Hill), formed during the eruption. You can start the trail from either end: at the Puʻu Puaʻi Overlook parking or at the Devastation Trail parking further west, where Crater Rim Dr turns south.

Go at sunset when the light catches shimmering strands of Pele's hair.