Fusion in Kailua-Kona

Daylight Mind

A pretty perch over the water and an airy dining space is complemented by fare that runs the gamut from Hawaii Regional (short ribs braised in local coffee) to Pacific fusion (Hamakua mushroom polenta). It's all del…
Fusion in Hilo


Pineapple's is carving a name for itself as a bastion of locavore, sit-down dining offered at midrange prices. The food ranges from island tacos stuffed with shrimp or kalua pork, to a half-pound burger topped with …
Fusion in Hawi & Around


Trio, attached to and operated by Sushi Rock, specializes in three-course, creative Hawaiian fusion cuisine. The menu has a lot of variation; eg on one night you may mix Indonesian chicken with Waimea beef sliders f…