Top things to do

Museum in Harpers Ferry

John Brown Wax Museum

Not to be confused with the National Park–run museum, this private wax museum is a kitschy (and rather overpriced) attraction that pays tribute to the man who led an ill-conceived slave rebellion here. The exhibits …
Museum in Harpers Ferry

Black Voices

This worthwhile, interactive exhibit has narrated stories of hardships and hard-won victories by African Americans from the times of enslavement through the Civil Rights era. Across the street is the Storer College …
American in Harpers Ferry

Beans in the Belfry

Across the river in Brunswick, MD (roughly 10 miles east), you'll find this converted red-brick church sheltering mismatched couches and kitsch-laden walls, featuring light fare (chili, sandwiches, quiche) and a tin…
American in Harpers Ferry

Canal House

Roughly 1 mile west (and uphill) from the historic district, Canal House is a perennial favorite for delicious sandwiches, locally sourced seasonal fare and friendly service in a flower-trimmed stone house. Outdoor …
American in Harpers Ferry

Potomac Grille

Serves good pub food (fish and chips, crab cakes, huge burgers) and local brews in an old-fashioned tavern atmosphere in the historic district. The outdoor patio has fine views over the train station and Maryland He…
Pub Food in Harpers Ferry

Secret Six Tavern

A fine place to grab a bite, this convivial pub has friendly (if sometimes scattered) service, delicious (if sometimes greasy) food, and a great selection of beer.
Museum in Harpers Ferry

John Brown Museum

Across from Arsenal Square, this three-room gallery gives a fine overview (through videos and period relics) of the events surrounding John Brown's famous raid.
Historic Site in Harpers Ferry

Master Armorer’s House

Among the free sites in the historic district, this 1858 house explains how rifle technology developed here went on to revolutionize the firearms industry.
Museum in Harpers Ferry

Education & The Struggle For Equality

This small exhibit gives an overview of the groundbreaking educational center at Storer College and the Niagara movement that formed in its wake.
American in Harpers Ferry


Local trout melting in honey-pecan butter and an elegant Federal dining room equals excellence at Anvil, in next-door Bolivar.