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Black Pot Beach Park (Hanalei Pier)

This small section of Hanalei Bay near the Hanalei River mouth usually offers the calmest surf among the wild North Shore swells. Also known as Hanalei Pier for its unmistakable landmark, the sand is shaded by ironw…
Beach in Hanalei

Hanalei Pavilion Beach Park

Toward the middle of Hanalei Bay, you'll find this scenic beach park that possesses a white-sand crescent made for strolling. Waters are typically not as calm as further east by the pier, but swimming and paddling a…
Beach in Hanalei

Hanalei Bay

On the North Shore.
Church in Hanalei

Waiʻoli Huiʻia Church

A popular site for quaint church weddings, the original Waiʻoli Huiʻia Church was built by Hanalei’s first missionaries, William and Mary Alexander, who arrived in 1834 in a double-hulled canoe. Today the church, ha…
Beach in Hanalei

Middles Beach

At Mile 4 on the makai (ocean) side of the road is a small, scrubby parking area. Walk along the beach or look out to the ocean to see three surf breaks; from left to right, they are Waikokos, Middles and Chicken Wi…
Beach in Hanalei

Waiʻoli (Pine Trees) Beach Park

Offering respite from the sun, this park is equipped with restrooms, outdoor showers, beach volleyball courts and picnic tables. Winter months bring big swells and locals dominate the surf spot here known as Pine Tr…
Beach in Hanalei

Hanalei Beach Park

With its sweeping views, this makes a great place for a picnic, sunset or lazy day at the beach. Ideally located, its downside is the parking, which can be a challenge. Park along Weke Rd if you have to, as the publ…
Beach in Hanalei

Waikoko Beach

Protected by a reef on the western bend of Hanalei Bay, this sandy-bottomed beach with no facilities offers shallower and calmer waters than the middle of the bay. Local surfers call this break Waikokos (literally, …
Historic Building in Hanalei

Waiʻoli Mission House

Guided tours of the historic Waiʻoli Mission House are currently available for walk-in visitors (no reservations). Check the Grove Farm website (http://grovefarm.org) for details. When you arrive, ring the big bell …
Landmark in Hanalei

Hanalei Bridge

A rather attractive one-lane bridge east of Hanalei town. When it's closed due to flooding or construction, there is no way in or out. Translation: pay the bridge some respect.