Customs Regulations

Non-US citizens and permanent residents may import the following duty free:

  • 1L of liquor (if over 21 years)
  • 200 cigarettes or 50 non-Cuban cigars (if over 21 years)
  • $100 worth of gifts

Hawaii has strict restrictions against bringing in any fresh fruits and plants, to prevent entry of invasive species. The rabies-free state enforces strict pet quarantine laws, though you can slice the time to five days if you meet specific requirements. For complete details, contact the Hawaiian Department of Agriculture.


Rules for entry to the US keep changing. Confirm current visa and passport requirements for your country at the US Department of State ( website.

Visa Extensions

To remain in the US longer than the date stamped on your passport, you must go to the Honolulu office of the US Citizenship & Immigration Service before the stamped date to apply for an extension.

Further Information

Upon arriving in the US, all foreign visitors must have their two index fingers scanned and a digital photo taken, a process that takes under a minute. For more information, see the Travel Security section of the US Department of Homeland Security ( site.