Top things to do

Top Choice Live Music in Haʻiku

Hana Hou Cafe

While offering an interesting fusion of Hawaiian, Thai and Italian cuisine, this newcomer has rapidly become popular for high-quality live music (6pm to 9pm Monday and Wednesday to Saturday), particularly with more …
Top Choice Japanese in Haʻiku


One of Maui’s best dining options marries a traditional Japanese restaurant with a jazzy cafe, offering the classics, like sushi and tempura, alongside exotic rolls and otsumami (tapas). From the menus to the decor …
Vegetarian in Haʻiku

Veg Out

Tucked inside a former warehouse, this rasta-casual vegetarian eatery serves up a dynamite burrito loaded with beans, hot tofu and jalapeños. Also right on the mark are the taro cheeseburgers and pesto-chèvre pizza.
American in Haʻiku


From morning to evening, this boisterous bistro is the Haʻiku hangout, for locals and visitors alike. Menu choices are straightforward – burgers, salads and build-your-own pizzas among them – but cooked to perfectio…
Teahouse in Haʻiku

Maui Kombucha

Welcome to 'The Booch’, home of Haʻiku’s alternative drink, kombucha. Hidden behind the back of a strip mall, this hip hole-in-the-wall overflows with fermented tea (with bubbles!) and a lively crowd. The veggie far…
Thai in Haʻiku

Tuk Tuk Thai

This psychedelic school bus (you'll know it when you see it) dishes out spicy, no-fuss Thai. Order at the window then find a seat under the canopy or in the sunshine. If it's raining, it may not open.
Landmark in Haʻiku

Paʻuwela Cannery

Shopping center in Haiku.