Top Choice Wine Bar in Greater Palm Springs

Counter Reformation

If you worship at the altar of Bacchus (the Roman god of wine), you'll be singing his praises in this dimly lit clandestine boite at the Parker Palm Springs resort. The handpicked menu features just 17 reds, whites …
Top Choice Cocktail Bar in Greater Palm Springs

Bootlegger Tiki

Crimson light bathes even pasty-faced hipsters into a healthy glow, as do the killer crafted cocktails at this teensy speakeasy with blowfish lamps and rattan walls. The entrance is via the Ernest coffee shop.
Cocktail Bar in Greater Palm Springs


In the back of the updated steakhouse Mr Lyons hides this furtive libation station named in honor of owner and entertainment lawyer Tara Lazar's dad. The eye-candy decor, mixing her old law books with exotic art, is…
Gay & Lesbian in Greater Palm Springs

Chill Bar

More high energy than chill, but an essential stop on the Arenas 'boys town' strip. Relax at the rectangular bar or on the wraparound patio, and mingle with the diversity of Palm Springs' gay community: all ages, ra…
Cafe in Greater Palm Springs

Ernest Coffee

The tiki torches and the name are a nod to this perky cafe's earlier incarnation as Don the Beachcomber's founded in 1953 by Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt. There's still a tiki bar in the back but the front is all a…
Bar in Greater Palm Springs


On a balmy night, Birba's hedge-fringed patio with twinkle lights and sunken fire pit is perfect for unwinding with a glass of wine or smooth libations like the tequila-based Heated Snake. Get a plate of cicchetti (…
Cafe in Greater Palm Springs

Palm Springs Koffi North

Tucked among the Uptown art galleries, this is the original branch of this much-beloved local chain of hip coffeehouses. The java is organic and there are muffins, bagels and other baked goods to feed sugar cravings…
Bar in Greater Palm Springs


Drawing a congenial community mix of locals, long-time visitors and occasional drag performers, this bar hosts fun karaoke parties from Sunday to Wednesday and bands or DJs on other nights. There's a cozy street-sid…
Bar in Greater Palm Springs

Toucan’s Tiki Lounge

This attitude-free hangout draws an eclectic mix of gay, straight, locals and tourists, young and old, with its cheap drinks and outrageous drag shows. The energy (and sound) level is usually high but often catapult…
Bar in Greater Palm Springs

Melvyn's Lounge

Raise a toast to Don Draper of Mad Men at this old-school lounge at a former Sinatra haunt. Sunday afternoon jazz is a long-standing tradition. Collared shirts and long pants are de rigeur for men.