New England in detail


  • Interacting with strangers New Englanders are notoriously reserved, compared to Americans from other regions. Do not expect strangers to greet you or strike up a conversation, especially in urban areas. That said, interactions are generally pleasant and polite, and visitors will have no problem finding a friendly face to answer questions or offer assistance.
  • Greetings Shake hands when meeting somebody for the first time. Goodbye is usually a friendly wave or – in more formal situations – another round of handshakes.
  • Bargaining Haggling over the price of goods is rare. It's not unusual for business owners to offer a discount for a purchase of anything in large quantities or for accommodations during a slow period, so it can't hurt to ask.
  • Smoking Don't assume you can smoke, even if you're outside. Many New Englanders have little tolerance for smokers, and smoking has even been banned from many parks and beaches.