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$175 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Columbus 'Short North' Guided Walking Tour with Art, History

The Short North’s name originated as a nickname for an area in decline, an area that had fallen just short of the central business area’s north end, both physically and economically.The Short North is now known for its art galleries, specialty shops, pubs, nightclubs, coffee houses, and a great deal of Ohio History and culture. The Short North is also the home of a number of huge Columbus festivals including the Community Fest (ComFest), Pride Festival, The Doo Dah Parade, Highball Halloween, and monthly Gallery Hops. Signified by the 17 metal archways that are adorned with lights, The Short North is where Columbus once earned the nickname “Arch City.”You walk through one of the most vibrant and trendy areas of the city. You’ll start in Goodale Park, a former staging area for Union Soldiers and the first public park in the city, before strolling down one of the main streets in town. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes only available in this amazing area. You’ll also enjoy the Italian and Victorian Villages where many houses are registered in the National Registry of Historic Places. If time allows and your stomach is growling, we’ll stop by the famous North Market for some incredible samples and maybe lunch.This tour is perfect for anyone who wants to see the local and fashionable side of Columbus as well as some beautiful historic homes. Take the tour during the day in order to plan your activities that night. Bring your cameras and a small appetite as this area is pleasurable for all of your senses. This tour easily combines with the Downtown Walking Tour, the OSU tour, or other Columbus Tours.

$20 Tours & Sightseeing

Zombie Scavengers Game - Columbus, OH

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productRecommended starting location to start Zombie Scavengers. This is where you will begin your hunt to survive the zombie apocalypse. (Please start outside)Duration: 5 minutesLocation: Ohio Statehouse, Columbus, Ohio

$49.99 Outdoor Activities

Columbus Puzzling Adventure

Choose your own start time and embark on your adventure. With your smartphone as your guide, go on a brain-teasing and educational walking tour of your chosen neighborhood. Visit a series of locations and answer the questions or solve puzzles to receive your next instruction.There is no need to race as quickly as possible from start to finish. Part of the fun is enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of the tour. Before heading to your next location, you’ll have time to eat, drink, enjoy the sights, and use the bathroom while the game clock is not running. You’re only timed on your travel and puzzles.At the end of your adventure, see your rank based on a combination of your answers to the questions and game clock time.

$30 Tours & Sightseeing

Area 51 Part 2 Escape Room

Your Area 51 escape room adventure starts with a brief orientation 15 minutes before the activity begins at the venue. Before you enter the room, you will be provided the rules of the game, tips to succeed, and debriefed on the challenge ahead of you. In the Area 51 experience, you and your team enter a secret military bunker operated by the U.S. Military where secret projects have been developed since the 1940s. You must investigate the rumors of UFOs and aliens and must look more closely at objects recovered after a classified incident occurred. Locked in a room with a robotic voice counting down the time, you will be given 60-minutes to piece the clues together and escape. Bring out your inner Sherlock Holmes and advance through the game to escape Dr. Rittlin's laboratory and discover whether or not aliens truly exist.

$30 Tours & Sightseeing

Egyptian Escape Room

Your Great Egyptian escape room adventure starts with a brief orientation 15 minutes before the activity begins at the venue. Before you enter the room, you will be provided the rules of the game, tips to succeed, and debriefed on the challenge ahead of you. In this special adventure, you and your team take the roles of special investigators dropped into an Egyptian tomb after a team of archaeologist have disappeared. Investigating the tomb of King Tutankhamen, you must unravel the mystery and discover the treasure before the time runs out and you and your team are cursed. Working together, you must think critically and cooperate as a team to reach your goal.

$11 Tours & Sightseeing

Self-Guided Columbus Scavenger Hunt

This adventure will take you through the heart of Columbus and get to see how it has changed over time, while also having fun. This hunt has been evolving over time to be as entertaining as possible, while showing you as much as possible. Your goal is to race against the clock to finish the hunt as quickly as possible. You will be given a series of clues. Each clue will help you find the next clue. In essence, instead of a scavenger hunt, this is a scavenger race and quest. When you are ready to start your hunt, purchase your tickets, gather your hunting party, and head to the starting location. Participants are not required to reserve a set time in order to begin the scavenger hunt. Once purchase is confirmed, you'll be instructed to visit local supplier website. On the day of your scheduled hunt, the website will be your guide through the city.