US dollar ($)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than $130

  • Hostel dorms: $30–50
  • Budget hotel room for two: $80–120
  • Sandwich at a deli: $6–10
  • Bicycle rentals: from around $15 per day
  • Ranger-led tours in the Everglades: free

Midrange: $130–260

  • Three-star lodging in a hotel room: $100–180
  • Dinner at a midrange restaurant: around $25–40 per person
  • Kayak hire for the day: from $40

Top end: More than $260

  • Double room in swanky boutique hotel: from $250
  • Dinner at a top restaurant: $40–100 per person
  • Cocktails: $8–14
  • Day trip to Dry Tortugas: from $170


There isn't much opportunity to bargain in South Florida. Prices are fixed in most places. At some flea markets, you might be able to haggle a bit.


Twenty-four-hour ATMs widely available across Miami, the Keys and the towns that border the Everglades. Credit cards accepted at most businesses.

More Information

Exchange foreign currency at international airports and most large banks in Miami, Orlando, Tampa and other Florida cities.

There is ease and availability of ATMs. Most ATM withdrawals using out-of-state cards incur surcharges of $3 or so.

Major credit cards are widely accepted, and they are required for car rentals.

ATMs have largely negated the need for traveler’s checks. However, traveler’s checks in US dollars are accepted like cash at most midrange and top-end businesses (but rarely at budget places).

Exchange Rates

New ZealandNZ$1NZ$0.70

For current exchange rates, see


Tipping is not optional in America; only withhold tips in cases of outrageously bad service.

  • Restaurant servers Normal service 15%, good service 18%, great service 20%
  • Bartenders $1 per drink, $2 or more for complicated cocktails
  • Cafe baristas Some change in the jar
  • Taxis Tip 10-15%
  • Hairdressers Tip 10-15%
  • Airport & hotel porters $1 per bag
  • Hotel maids A few dollars after a few nights