Gold Country's Best Caves

  • California Cavern in Murphys, marveled at by John Muir, offers a wide variety of tours and lengthy adventure trips.
  • Moaning Cavern in Angels Camp has the deepest cave rappelling in California and an above-ground zip line.
  • Black Chasm in Volcano features a quiet self-guided Zen Garden walk above ground and rare helictite crystals below.

Tribal History in Gold Country

A few dedicated museums tell part of the stories of the Miwok, Maidu, Konkow, Monache, Nisenan, Tubatulabal, Washo and Foothill Yokuts – the people who called this region home, way before the rush for gold.

  • Maidu Museum & Historical Site is built on the edge of an ancient Maidu village, occupied for over 3000 years.
  • The roundhouse museum in Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park has a variety of artifacts representing different tribes of the area. The limestone outcrop outside is dimpled with mortar holes for grinding acorns.
  • The State Indian Museum in Sacramento features the most varied collections, with a redwood canoe and extraordinary beaded garments.