Top things to do in Gila National Forest

Top Choice Archaeological Site in Gila National Forest

Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument

A relatively small site, these remarkable 13th-century cliff dwellings were only occupied by a small Mogollon group (30 to 80 people) for 20 years. Perfectly situated in six alcoves (some of which are enormous), it …
Town in Gila National Forest


Just north of Glenwood, Hwy 159 twists its way off Hwy 180 for a vertiginous 9 miles on the slow-going route to Mogollon, a semi–ghost town (sometimes inaccessible in winter). Once an important mining community, it …
Hot Springs in Gila National Forest

Gila Hot Springs

Used by Native Americans since ancient times, the three pools here are simply lovely. Caretakers regulate the temperatures throughout the day so that they're always about perfect (each pool differs by about one degr…
Cafe in Gila National Forest

Purple Onion

One of the few inhabitants of the virtual ghost town of Mogollon, the Purple Onion claims to serve the best burger in New Mexico. We’re not sure if it’s the best, but given the location it’s pretty darn good, as are…
Bakery in Gila National Forest

Adobe Café & Bakery

A culinary oasis in the middle of nowhere (aka '7 miles west of Reserve'). Aside from creative renditions of typical diner fare, the Adobe features venison burgers, elk sausage and some good vegetarian options.