Top things to do

Top Choice Gallery in Atlanta

High Museum of Art

Atlanta's modern High Museum was the first to exhibit art lent from Paris' Louvre, and is a destination as much for its architecture as its world-class exhibits. The striking whitewashed multilevel building houses a…
Top Choice American in Athens

Five & Ten

Driven by sustainable ingredients, Five & Ten ranks among the South's best restaurants. Its menu is earthy and slightly gamey: sweatbreads, black-eyed pea hummus and Frogmore stew (stewed corn, sausage and potat…
Top Choice Historic Site in Atlanta

Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site

The historic site commemorates the life, work and legacy of the civil rights leader and one of the great Americans. The center takes up several blocks.
Top Choice Seafood in Atlanta

Goin' Coastal

Atlanta needs another holy ethics-toting restaurant like it needs more traffic; but great seafood is still pretty off the radar here. That changes with this casual neighborhood seafood place in the heart of the High…
Top Choice Fusion in Atlanta

Leon's Full Service

Leon's can come across as a bit pretentious, but the gorgeous concrete bar and open floor-plan spilling out of a former service station and onto a groovy heated deck with floating beams remains cooler than thou and …
Top Choice Museum in Athens

Georgia Museum of Art

A smart, modern gallery open to the public where brainy, arty types set up in the wired lobby for personal study while art hounds gawk at modern sculpture in the courtyard garden and the tremendous collection from A…
Top Choice Historic Site in Savannah

Wormsloe Plantation Historic Site

A short drive from downtown, on the beautiful Isle of Hope, this is one of the most photographed sites in town. The real draw is the dreamy entrance through a corridor of mossy, ancient oaks that runs for 1.5 miles,…
Top Choice Asian Fusion in Atlanta

Octopus Bar

Do they keep odd hours? Is seating difficult to come by? Does it take so long to get your fusion grub because the chefs are too busy fielding industry complaints from a room full of sous chefs and servers? The answe…
Top Choice Barbecue in Atlanta

Fox Brothers

At this longtime Atlanta classic, set in Inman Park, ribs are scorched and smoked perfectly with a hint of charcoaled crust on the outside and tender on the inside. They're also known for their exceptional Texas-sty…
Top Choice Seafood in Atlanta

The Optimist

Guidebook space could never do this Westside sustainable seafood Mecca justice. In a word: astonishing! Start with the Spanish charred octopus, braised for four hours in red wine; move on to a duck fat-poached sword…