Must-see attractions in North Georgia

  • T
    Three Sisters

    A wonderfully unpretentious vineyard where Cheetos, overalls and bluegrass tunes – or fine cheese and great views – pair just fine with the wine.

  • M
    Museum of Mountain Life

    This small museum is divided among several structures: a less interesting 1906 Grapelle Butt Mock House, a restored 1900s family home with original…

  • D
    Dahlonega Courthouse Gold Museum

    If you have a thing for coins, currency or financial history, pop into this museum. Dahlonega has gold-mining roots and the town prospered with each…

  • M
    Mercier Orchards

    The largest apple orchard in the Southeast is a 300-acre fourth-generation family farm that's a kick for the kiddies – especially the tractor tours. 'U…

  • G
    Grandaddy Mimm’s

    This good-time distillery churns out a moonshine for all desires: 40-, 93-, 100- and 140-proof liquid served from a bar that was one of the original four…