Galveston drinking and nightlife

Bar in Galveston


This boisterous bar complex overlooking the gulf is the best of many competitors. The huge complex has an array of rooms, including a bamboo-filled tiki bar. Head upstairs to the Sideyard for ocean breezes and lawn …
Microbrewery in Galveston

Galveston Island Brewing

This local icon brews up some excellent quaffs, including a refreshing half-wheat, half-barley beer (the Tiki Wheat), all of it served out of 11 taps on-site. There's a grassy yard where you can relax (while kids cl…
Microbrewery in Galveston

Beerfoot Brewery

It's nothing fancy, just a range of homebrews on tap and bottles from around the state, but all told there's more than 100 beers and a small selection of spirits as well. The bartenders can talk you through the menu…
Cocktail Bar in Galveston


The small porch out front definitely represents the Daiquiri Time Out ethos, but head inside to find a cocktail bar that even bartenders from Houston drive down to hang out at. If it's not busy, ask the bartenders f…
Pub in Galveston


This combination pub and gallery space, built into a renovated 1869 office building, has a strong selection of wine and craft beers to sip while browsing the works of local artists. It's a regular stop on weekend Ar…
Bar in Galveston

Poop Deck

Sitting on a spinning deck chair overlooking the gulf, you're just as likely to meet roughneck bikers as counter-culture dropouts, but the eclectic crowd is much of the fun here. Look for the small Statue of Liberty…
Cafe in Galveston

Mod Coffeehouse

The de facto Strand District community center, this warehouse-based cafe serves fine espresso drinks and iced teas. Tables out front are great for people-watching, or there's plenty of room inside to spread out.
Pub in Galveston

Stuttgarden Tavern

From a beer-garden-styled porch overlooking Strand St, order any of 50 or more beers off a regularly changing menu from around the world. Oh, and brings the pets along too if you like.
Irish Pub in Galveston

Molly's Old Cellar Bar

Built around an original 1880s antique bar from the Paris Opera House that was rediscovered in New York in the 30s. Don't be put off by the Irish Pub vibe. There's a good selection of whiskey and wine.
Bar in Galveston

Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe

A long-time local bar featuring lots of live music and an easy-going crowd. There are open-mic nights on Wednesday and Thursday.