Top Choice Pizza in Gainesville

Satchel's Pizza

Almost destroyed by fire in 2012, Satchel's is back to restake its claim to the best pizza on Florida's east coast. Grab a seat at a mosaic courtyard table or in the back of a gutted 1965 Ford Falcon. Most nights th…
Cuban in Gainesville


A Gainesville standby, Emiliano's rocks a mid-century Cuban-Floridian vibe, with striped awnings, rattan chairs and salsa in the background. Go for Cuban classics like ropa vieja (pulled braised brisket) or fried pl…
Cafe in Gainesville

Maude's Classic Café

This locally owned and operated boho hangout serves tea, coffee and cakes as well as themed sandwiches and salads such as 'When Harry Met Salad': you get the drift.
Fusion in Gainesville

The Top

Combining 1950s kitsch, hunter-lodge decor and giant owl art, this place is both hip and comfortable. Vegetarians will thrill at the options here and everyone will appreciate the working photo booth in the back ($2)…
Vegetarian in Gainesville

Krishna House

For tasty vegetarian soul food on a budget, head to Krishna House on the UF campus, make a small donation and fill your belly. Who said there's no such thing as a (karma) free lunch?
Modern American in Gainesville

Paramount Grill

Very Scandinavian chic, with minimalist wood tables and apple-green walls decorated with vintage sailor photos, this is the top spot for innovative upscale-casual eats in Gainesville. A globally influenced menu span…
Italian in Gainesville

Manuel's Vintage Room

Warm, intimate and friendly, Manuel's is the perfect spot for a romantic dinner in the heart of downtown. Pasta aplenty and dishes such as veal porcini and pork Milanese cooked to your liking are sure to satisfy.