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Peeve's Public House & Local Market

Located in the desolate Fulton Mall in downtown, Peeve's is leading Fresno's new wave of urban-rural revitalization by celebrating hyper-local food. Every ingredient in their three daily offerings (burgers and salad…
American in Fresno

Dusty Buns Bistro

This restaurant began as a food truck dishing out sandwiches on buns, made from local ingredients, single handedly actualizing Fresno’s modern foodie culture. The young couple in the drivers’ seat still makes the ro…
American in Fresno

Chicken Pie Shop

With a ladle of gravy and a flaky crust, the beautiful chicken-stuffed pies at this Tower District institution bear no resemblance to the frozen, soggy mess of your childhood, though the nostalgic decor might.
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Sam’s Italian Deli & Market

This Italian market and deli is the real deal, stacking up the ‘New Yorker’ pastrami and some mean prosciutto and mozzarella.
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Fresno Farmers Market