State Park in Freeport

Wolfe's Neck Woods State Park

Just outside Freeport, this park has 5 miles of easy hiking trails, including a scenic shoreline walk that skirts Casco Bay. To reach the park, take Bow St and turn right on Wolfe's Neck Rd.
Landmark in Freeport


Geography boffins shouldn't miss a visit to the DeLorme cartographic company (now owned by Garmin) – its lofty office atrium is home to a giant rotating globe named Eartha. Eartha has a diameter of 41.5ft and has be…
Desert in Freeport

Desert of Maine

William Tuttle came to Freeport in 1797 to farm potatoes, but his deadly combination of clear-cutting and overgrazing caused enough erosion to expose the glacial desert hidden beneath the topsoil. The shifting dunes…
State Park in Freeport

Bradbury Mountain State Park

There are several miles of forested hiking trails here, including an easy 10-minute hike to a 485ft summit. It yields a spectacular view all the way to the ocean. There's good mountain biking, and bird-watching, plu…