Fort Pierce attractions

Museum in Fort Pierce

Manatee Observation Center

A small center educating the public on the plight of the manatee. Videos and exhibits teach boaters how to avoid hurting the creatures – and the rest of us how our lifestyle has indirectly eradicated most of the man…
State Park in Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce Inlet State Park

This 700-acre park has everything you'd want in a waterfront recreation spot: sandy shores, verdant trails, mangrove swamps with a beautiful bird population, and a family-friendly picnic area. You can rent bikes, ka…
Museum in Fort Pierce


The world's only museum dedicated to the elite warriors of Naval Special Warfare, this Hutchinson Island exhibit features once-top-secret tools and weapons used by the most elite combat forces of the US.
Shipwreck in Fort Pierce

Urca de Lima

In 1715 a Spanish flotilla was decimated in a hurricane off the Florida coast. One of the ships, the Urca de Lima, went down (relatively) intact. Today, the wooden-hulled ship is partly exposed within snorkeling dis…