Burlock Coast

Top choice international in Fort Lauderdale

Situated in the lovely Ritz Carlton Hotel, this chic casual spot somehow manages to be all things to all people: a cafe, bar, market and upmarket restaurant. The menu has been crafted to the mantra: local farmers and vendors. The menu changes seasonally but errs towards modern international, like pork belly with black truffle grits or simple fish-and-chips.

Brunch is served on weekends, and it opens early the rest of the week, so you can easily slide from breakfast to Prohibition-style cocktails before you know it. Oh, and for history buffs, it's named because of the infamous local Bill McCoy, a rum runner during Prohibition times, who hid his rum bottles in a package of sewn burlap. These easily-stacked 'parcels' became known as burlocks. Also, because he didn't dilute his alcoholic spirits (as did some of his competitors) his bounty was referred to as 'the real McCoy' and the phrase still exists today.