Top Choice Italian in Fort Lauderdale

Gran Forno

This delightfully old-school Milanese-style bakery and cafe is the best lunch spot in downtown Fort Lauderdale: warm crusty pastries, bubbling pizzas, and fat golden loaves of ciabatta, sliced and stuffed with ham, …
Top Choice Vegan in Fort Lauderdale

Green Bar & Kitchen

Discover bright flavors and innovative dishes at this cult vegan eatery. Instead of pasta-layered lasagna, slithers of zucchini are layered with macadamia ricotta and sundried tomatoes. Almond milk replaces dairy in…
Top Choice Italian in Fort Lauderdale

Casa D'Angelo

Chef Angelo Elia presides over an impressive kitchen specializing in Tuscan and southern Italian dishes, many handed down by his mother. Seasonality and quality translate into intense flavors and delightful textures…
Mediterranean in Fort Lauderdale

Casablanca Cafe

Try to score a seat on the upstairs balcony of this Moroccan-style home where Mediterranean-inspired food and Florida-style ocean views are served. Live music Wednesdays through Sundays.
Diner in Fort Lauderdale

Lester's Diner

Hailed endearingly as a greasy spoon, campy Lester's Diner has been keeping folks happy since the late 1960s. Everyone makes their way here at some point, from business types on cell phones to clubbers and blue-hair…
Seafood in Fort Lauderdale

Rustic Inn

Hungry locals at this messy, noisy crab house use wooden mallets at long, newspaper-covered tables to get at the Dungeness, blue and golden crabs drenched in garlic. The Inn is located on the Dania Cut-Off Canal on …
American in Fort Lauderdale

11th Street Annex

In this off-the-beaten-path peach cottage, the 'two ugly sisters' serve whatever strikes their fancy: perhaps brie mac 'n' cheese, chicken confit and sour cream chocolate cake. Most of the vegetables are grown from …
Mexican in Fort Lauderdale

Eduardo de San Angel

Dreamy upscale Mexican food full of romantic ingredients – squash blossoms! Chocolate-chili! Guava syrup! – served in a warmly elegant dining room full of Mexican folk art. The restaurant is north of downtown, nearl…
Seafood in Fort Lauderdale

15th Street Fisheries

Tucked away in Lauderdale Marina with a broad, open-fronted deck offering a front row view of yachts and motor boats, this place is hard to beat for waterfront dining. The warm wooden interior is kitted out like an …
Seafood in Fort Lauderdale

Southport Raw Bar

A local favorite serving spiced shrimp, cheese steaks, roast pork hoagies and pitchers of beer – all Southport staples. Clams and oysters are shucked to order, and there's a whole variety of fried baskets and seafoo…