Wildlife Reserve in Apalachicola

St Vincent Island

Just a few minutes from Apalachicola, but accessible only by boat, lies this pristine island. Its pearly dunes reveal 5000-year-old geological records, while its pine forests and wetlands teem with endangered...

Museum in Apalachicola

Apalachicola Maritime Museum

This small museum, which rests on the banks of the Apalachicola River, gives a breakdown on the history of oystering, fishing and boat building in Apalachicola; as regards the last trade, a workshop where...

Church in Apalachicola

Trinity Episcopal Church

This handsome church was built in New York state and cut into sections, which were shipped down the Atlantic Coast and around the Keys before making their way to this spot where the church was reassembled in 1836.

Museum in Apalachicola

John Gorrie State Museum

Dr John Gorrie (1803–55), one of Apalachicola's most famous sons, developed an ice-making machine to keep yellow-fever patients cool during an epidemic. He died poor and unknown, unaware of how his invention laid...

Historic Building in Apalachicola

Raney House

Sitting behind a white-picket fence and a facade of grand columns, this small museum occupies the former 1838 Southern style–plantation home of David Raney, two-time mayor of Apalachicola. It definitely wears...