Historic Site in Apalachicola National Forest

Fort Gadsen Historic Site

This is the former location of an 1814 British fort manned by African American and Native American soldiers armed and trained by the British to defend against Spain's hold on Florida. The fort was blown to pieces...

Park in Apalachicola National Forest

Leon Sinks Geological Area

More than 6 miles of trails and boardwalks marked with interpretive signs wind past sinks and swamps in this fascinating place. Be sure to stay on the trails, as the karst is still evolving, and new sinkholes...

Lake in Apalachicola National Forest

Silver Lake

You can sunbathe on the white-sand shores or swim in the waters of this gorgeous lake, surrounded by cypress groves, palmetto fronds, hardwood hammock and pine woods. Be on the lookout for soaring bald eagles and...

Lake in Apalachicola National Forest

Camel Lake

This attractive lake, which is close to a fascinating pitcher-plant bog system (pitcher plants are carnivorous plants), is a focal point for local camping, fishing, boating and recreation.

Lake in Apalachicola National Forest

Wright Lake

This quiet, scenic lake is hemmed by a pleasant white-sand beach; it's great for a picnic or a stroll. It's located just off of FL65, about 35 miles north of Apalachicola.