Hotel Monte Vista

Top choice historic hotel in Flagstaff

A huge, old-fashioned neon sign towers over this 1926 landmark hotel, hinting at what's inside: feather lampshades, vintage furniture, bold colors and eclectic decor. Rooms are named for the movie stars who stayed here, including the 'Humphrey Bogart,' with dramatic black walls, yellow ceiling and gold-satin bedding. Several resident ghosts supposedly make regular appearances.

Guests with a penchant for seeing such spooks should stay away from the Gary Cooper room, allegedly haunted by two prostitutes who were stabbed and thrown out its window in the 1930s, and the Bon Jovi room, lorded over by the ghost of a woman who died in its rocking chair in the '30s.

The Monte Vista's appeal comes from all of its glorious funkiness, and travelers looking for more traditional surrounds and dependable quiet may be happier elsewhere. Four rooms have shared bathrooms, there's an inviting coffee shop off the lobby and the Monte Vista Cocktail Lounge downstairs booms with live music on the weekends.