Fairbanks Region shopping

Music in Fairbanks

Lost & Found

This little shop looks like an Alaskan closet that suddenly exploded into the world's coolest record collection, a nexus of vinyl that would make Nick Hornby characters nod in silent respect. The whole vibe of the p…
Arts & Crafts in Fairbanks

Alaska House Art Gallery

In a log building at the southern end of downtown, this gallery specializes in indigenous and Native-themed creations. Artists can often be found on the premises, demonstrating their talents or telling stories. If y…
Books in Fairbanks

Gulliver’s Books

Next to Campus Corner Mall, this is by far the best bookstore in town, selling new and used books and plenty of Alaskan titles. There's a good kids' section upstairs, as well as signed books and the sort of gentle, …
Vintage in Fairbanks

Bad Mother Vintage

What's cool about this vintage shop is how Alaskan it is. Sure, there are outfits and clothes that edge into hipster territory, but most of them are functional too – the sort of cute but conventional clothes you cou…
Art in Fairbanks

Two Street Gallery

This excellent gallery showcases a well-laid-out collection of work by local artists. Both the prints and original artwork on display are often quite reasonably priced, which is a nice bonus. A great spot for a uniq…
Sports & Outdoors in Fairbanks

Big Ray's

If you're heading outdoors – and this is Alaska, so you're heading outdoors – Big Ray's is a one-stop shop for any kind of gear you could need, including fishing rods, winter jackets, sleeping bags, hiking boots and…
Sports & Outdoors in Fairbanks

Beaver Sports

Sells mountain bikes and tons of every kind of wilderness equipment. There’s also a handy message board for exchanging info with fellow adventurers or securing used gear.