Top things to do

Top Choice Modern American in Eureka Springs


This beautiful cafe specializes in farm-to-table cuisine, brilliant baked goods and quirky service. The open-face sandwiches with shaved ham served on fresh-baked French toast are stupidly decadent, and there are ve…
Top Choice Modern American in Eureka Springs

Stone House

The Stone House has all the ingredients for a pretty perfect evening: lots of wine; a menu that focuses on cheese, bread, olives, honey and charcuterie; live music; a cute courtyard; and did we mention lots of wine?…
Historic Site in Eureka Springs

Historic Loop

This 3.5-mile walking tour winds through downtown Eureka Springs and neighboring residential areas. The route is dotted with more than 300 Victorian homes, all built before 1910, each a jaw-dropper and on par with a…
Sandwiches in Eureka Springs


This little cafe has a small menu, but what a menu: chicken, walnut and cranberry salad, prosciutto sandwiches and fresh quiche. This is bright, breezy cuisine, the sort of food that fills you up without weighing yo…
Church in Eureka Springs

Thorncrown Chapel

Thorncrown Chapel is a magnificent sanctuary made of glass, with its 48ft-tall wooden skeleton holding 425 windows. There's not much between your prayers and God's green earth here. It's just outside of Eureka Sprin…
Historic Building in Eureka Springs

1886 Crescent Hotel

Built in 1886, the Crescent is a gorgeous, functioning artifact of an older age. Step into the dark-wood lobby, with its roaring fireplace and carpets, all accented by little Jazz Age flourishes, and you'll feel the…
Park in Eureka Springs

Lake Leatherwood City Park

This expansive park includes 21 miles of hiking and biking trails that crisscross the forested mountains and surround an 85-acre lake. Located about 3.5 miles from downtown Eureka Springs, this is the closest manage…
Bar in Eureka Springs

Chelsea's Corner Cafe & Bar

Live-music acts frequently take to the stage at this bar, which attracts a typically Eureka Springs blend of hippies and bikers. The kitchen is one of the few places in town open past 9pm, and even does pizza delive…
Opera in Eureka Springs

Opera in the Ozarks

This much acclaimed fine-arts program has kept opera alive and loud in the mountains. A packed performance schedule and a playhouse located just outside of town is the pride of Eureka Springs.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Eureka Springs

Meteorites & More

Owned by Steve Arnold, the Science Channel’s Meteorite Man. He sells space rocks, including glassy stone pieces sourced from the American desert, the Sahara and Russia.