Eureka Springs restaurants

Top Choice Modern American in Eureka Springs


This beautiful cafe specializes in farm-to-table cuisine, brilliant baked goods and quirky service. The open-face sandwiches with shaved ham served on fresh-baked French toast are stupidly decadent, and there are ve…
Top Choice Modern American in Eureka Springs

Stone House

The Stone House has all the ingredients for a pretty perfect evening: lots of wine; a menu that focuses on cheese, bread, olives, honey and charcuterie; live music; a cute courtyard; and did we mention lots of wine?…
Sandwiches in Eureka Springs


This little cafe has a small menu, but what a menu: chicken, walnut and cranberry salad, prosciutto sandwiches and fresh quiche. This is bright, breezy cuisine, the sort of food that fills you up without weighing yo…
Barbecue in Eureka Springs

Bubba's Barbecue

Glistening pork shoulder, smoky ribs and dripping brisket are the rewards of a meal at Bubba's, which does a regional Ozarks/Arkansas spin on its 'cue.
Cafe in Eureka Springs

Mud Street Café

You'll find simple, tasty options like gourmet sandwiches, wraps and main-sized salads. The brilliant coffee drinks and breakfasts cultivate a devoted local following to this underground nook.