Erie Lakeshore & Islands attractions

Top Choice Amusement Park in Sandusky

Cedar Point Amusement Park

Cedar Point is one of the world's top amusement parks, known for its 17 adrenaline-pumping roller coasters. Stomach-droppers include the Top Thrill Dragster, among the globe's tallest and fastest rides. It climbs 42…
Natural Feature in Kelleys Island

Glacial Grooves

The deep scars in the limestone here – which a glacier rubbed in some 18,000 years ago – are the largest and most easily accessible grooves in the world. Look down from the walkway and stairs and behold gouges that …
Monument in Bass Islands

Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial

The 352ft Doric column is a singular attraction. Climb to the observation deck for views of the Lake Erie battle site and, on a good day, Canada – though you will have to wait until summer 2018, as it is closed for …
Museum in Sandusky

Edison Birthplace Museum

The small brick home where Thomas Edison was born in 1847 has been restored and is now a small museum demonstrating his inventions such as the light bulb and phonograph. Guides take you through the rooms on a 25-min…
State Park in Kelleys Island

Kelleys Islands State Park

The park features a popular campground with 127 campsites ($17 to $32), 6 miles of hiking trails with birds flittering by and a secluded, sandy beach on the island's north side. It's a favorite of families, especial…
State Park in Bass Islands

South Bass Island State Park

Set on top of white cliffs on the island's southwest side, the park moseys down to a fishing pier, small rocky beach and vendor offering jet-ski and power-boat rentals. The 120-site campground (sites $17 to $32) pac…
Rock Art in Kelleys Island

Inscription Rock Petroglyphs

Native Americans who used the island as a hunting ground carved symbols into this boulder on the island's south shore sometime between AD 1200 and 1600. You can see the rock via a viewing platform.