Medieval Times

Live Performance in Northern Orange County

Hear ye, hear ye! All those who have sired knights-to-be and future princesses, gather ye clans and proceed forthwith for an evening-long medieval feast and performance. Yep, it’s completely over-the-top but in a harmless, party-like-it’s-1099 sort of way. Dinner guests root for various knights as they joust, fence and show off their horsemanship to protect the honor of the kingdom.

The food is all right – roast chicken and spare ribs (vegetarian options available) – but the show’s the thing.

Make reservations, show up 90 minutes early (seating is not guaranteed, even with reservations) and accept that you’ll be wearing a cardboard crown for the evening. The mock castle is about a half-mile north of Knott’s Berry Farm. Buy discounted tickets online.