Top Choice Steak in El Paso

Cattleman's Steakhouse

This place is 20 miles east of the city, but local folks would probably drive 200 miles to eat here. The food is good, and the scenery is even better. Portions are huge, and for just $6 extra you can share an entree…
Top Choice Tapas in El Paso


Get ready to share all sorts of awesomeness. The small plates here fuse Spanish classics with the flavors of the Southwest in mouthwatering combos like short rib and blue cheese croquettes, grilled octopus with chim…
Mexican in El Paso

H&H Coffee Shop

It doesn't look like much, but sometimes good things come in weird packages. This hole in the wall – which, curiously, is attached to a car wash – is a well-known breakfast hangout that's authentic and friendly.
Mexican in El Paso

L&J Cafe

One of El Paso's best-loved Mexican joints, L&J serves up delicious tacos, fajitas and famous green chile chicken enchiladas – plus a legendary menudo on weekends. It's next to the historic Concordia Cemetery, a…
Mexican in El Paso

Taco Cabana

In El Paso, even the fast-food Tex-Mex is great. In addition to this central location on I-10, this chain has locations all over town; keep an eye out for the big, pink neon sign. El Paso's not a late-night kind of …
Mexican in El Paso

Chicos Tacos

With several locations, Chicos Tacos specializes in its namesake fare – with lots of garlic. Expect a crowd from about 10pm to midnight, when El Pasoans citywide experience a collective craving.
Cafe in El Paso

Kinley's House Coffee & Tea

This cheery and bustling little coffee shop near the UTEP campus has lattes and macchiatos galore, and you can also score sandwiches, crepes and even Japanese noodles. Parking is scarce; there's a drive-through if y…
Mexican in El Paso

G&R Restaurant

Family-owned since 1960, G&R is a local favorite. The colonial-style dining room is fun and colorful, all the better to enjoy the authentic and super-affordable enchiladas, rellenos and burritos.
Barbecue in El Paso

Rib Hut

Go all caveman-like and join the UTEP crowd over a serious plate of ribs in this funky little A-frame building with typical campus-adjacent decor. Wednesday night is packed for rib night, when ribs are $1.95 each.
American in El Paso


Winning extra points for style – from the cool sign to the cutlery hanging from the ceiling – this hip little eatery serves up creative comfort food: green chile mac-and-cheese, juicy burgers with sweet potato waffl…