Food in Salem

Ye Olde Pepper Candy Companie

For more than 200 years Ye Olde Pepper Companie has been making sweets – you gotta believe that it knows what it's doing. The current owners (for only four generations) continue to use original 19th-century recipes …
Market in Salem

Artists Row

This little alleyway is lined with seasonal shacks where local artists are creating, displaying and selling their wares. The streets and sidewalks are painted and the environs are otherwise spruced up by the artists…
Books in Gloucester

Dogtown Books

A crowded store with narrow aisles and shelves packed with new and used books. There's lots of local history here. There are also a lot of rules: watch yourself.
Books in Gloucester

Bookstore of Gloucester

Gloucester's literary gathering place often hosts author talks and other events. This is where you can pick up a Dogtown map.
Books in Concord

Concord Bookshop

An independent bookstore packed with good reads and especially featuring local authors.
Alcohol in Gloucester

Liquor Locker

Rockport and surrounding villages are 'dry,' which means no alcohol is sold in stores or served in most restaurants. If you wish to bring your own, stock up at this local packy (liquor store) before you go wherever …
Alcohol in Gloucester

Lanesville Package Store

Rockport and the surrounding villages are 'dry,' which means that alcohol is not sold in stores or served in most restaurants. Some restaurants do allow guests to BYOB, however, so here's where you can pick some up.