Top things to do in Eastern Gorge

Top Choice Museum in Eastern Gorge

Maryhill Museum of Art

If you've ever wondered about that expression, 'What in Sam Hill?,' here's your answer: this museum in a hilltop mansion was founded by Sam Hill (1857–1931), one of the great innovators in Northwest history. An exhi…
Park in Eastern Gorge

Deschutes River State Recreation Area

The Deschutes River, Oregon's second largest, cuts through Central Oregon and meets the Columbia at this fine state park, 15 miles east of The Dalles. There are expansive green lawns and beautiful riverside campsite…
Monument in Eastern Gorge


Not one for small gestures, businessman Sam Hill built a full-scale replica of Salisbury Plain's Stonehenge on the cliffs above the Columbia River. Dedicated as a peace memorial to Klickitat County's soldiers killed…