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Authentic Mexican and Latino Foods and Murals in Mission District

We will walk around the Mission neighborhood to see and enjoy the local-artists murals as well as the great weather of the area. We also sit and enjoy samplings of some great and authentic Mexican or Latino dishes. I will help you pick up some samples of different dishes to appreciate the so widely sought ‘authentic Mexican or Latino cuisine’You will also have a chance to see local shopping opportunities, from produce and products of Latin America to art craft, and books and traditional clothing.It is suggested you bring a back pack of your preferred size if you are into authentic-artistic objects and goodies and or the so-called ethnic (Latino) foods.We will walk along 24th St or “Little Latin America”. We will see some Murals from a good distance acroos the street and and the way back real up closeWe will decide to just have a quick ‘burrito’ or ‘pupusa’, both examples of the excellent local Latino cuisine.
3 hours