Amusement Park in Disneyland & Anaheim

Disneyland Park

Spotless, wholesome Disneyland is still laid out according to Walt's original plans. It's here you'll find plenty of rides and some of the attractions most associated with the Disney name – Main Street USA, Sleeping…
Amusement Park in Disneyland & Anaheim

Disneyland Resort

Plaza in Disneyland & Anaheim

Downtown Disney

Disney's open-air pedestrian mall, sandwiched between the two parks, offers plenty of opportunities to drop even more cash in its stores, restaurants and entertainment venues.
Ride in Disneyland & Anaheim

Indiana Jones Adventure

Amusement Park in Disneyland & Anaheim

Disney California Adventure Park

Disneyland resort's larger but less crowded park, Disney California Adventure celebrates the natural and cultural glories of the Golden State but lacks the density of attractions and depth of imagination. The best r…
Shopping Street in Disneyland & Anaheim

Center Street Anaheim

A quietly splashy redeveloped neighborhood with an ice rink designed by starchitect Frank Gehry and a couple blocks packed with hipster-friendly shops like the Good, for men's clothing, the Look, for women's, Barbee…
Shopping District in Disneyland & Anaheim

Anaheim Packing District

With all the hype of the Mouse House, it's sometimes easy to forget that there's a whole other Anaheim outside the gates. New developments are changing that. Case in point: the Anaheim Packing District, around a lon…
Ride in Disneyland & Anaheim

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

in Disneyland & Anaheim

Disneyland Railroad Station

Attraction in Disneyland & Anaheim

Disneyland Story