Top things to do in Disney Springs

Top Choice Performing Arts in Disney Springs

Cirque du Soleil La Nouba

Disney's best live show features mind-boggling acrobatic feats expertly fused to light, stage and costume design to create a cohesive artistic vision. And of course, there's a silly Disney twist involving a princess…
Top Choice International in Disney Springs


This paddle steamer has had an entire revamp and reopened in February 2016. It's smart, contemporary and chic. Its lovely dining areas are ingeniously incorporated into different parts of the boat, so you have a cho…
Top Choice Bar in Disney Springs

Jock Lindsay's

According to, er...'old' Disney folklore, Jock (the pilot in Raiders of the Lost Ark) 'arrived here in 1938 while chasing down a mythology-based tip in central Florida.' He liked the natural springs and lush terrain…
Top Choice Mexican in Disney Springs

Frontera Cocina

A smart, trendy version of modern Mexico where, thanks to Chef Rick Bayless, corn, chili and salsa are whipped up into contemporary tastes in a delightfully light, bright and bustling environment. A pleasant change …
Toys in Disney Springs

Lego Imagination Center

Life-size Lego creations, tables to create your own masterpieces and a wall of individually priced Lego pieces.
South American in Disney Springs

Paradiso 37

With an impressive cocktail list and a menu representing 37 countries of North, South and Central America (or so they claim), this contemporary waterfront spot is one of Disney Spring's best bets.
Amusement Park in Disney Springs

DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park

With five dizzying floors of exhibits designed to indulge video-game addicts, this 'interactive theme park' makes the perfect place to while away a rainy or hot afternoon. Virtual-reality attractions include a trip …
Bar in Disney Springs


A series of three bars are spread over this smart waterfront place, with classic craft cocktails and a good wine list (that showcases American wines). Nightly music entertains you well into the morning. After a drin…
American in Disney Springs

T-Rex Cafe

Over-the-top multisensory overload, with massive autotronic dinosaurs, volcanoes erupting, light shows and meteor showers every 15 minutes. The menu features Woolly Mammoth Chicken, Caveman Punch and Chocolate Extin…
Toys in Disney Springs

Once Upon a Toy

Design a personalized My Little Pony, build your own light saber and create your own tiara at one of the best toy stores anywhere. You'll find old-school classics such as Mr Potato Head and Lincoln Logs, board games…