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Cover charges hover between $5 and $15.

From Motown to Rock City

Motown Records and soul music put Detroit on the map in the 1960s, while the thrashing punk rock of the Stooges and MC5 was the 1970s response to that smooth sound. By 1976, Detroit was dubbed 'Rock City' by a Kiss song (though – just Detroit's luck – the tune was eclipsed by its B-side, 'Beth'). In recent years it has been hard-edged rock – aka whiplash rock and roll – that has pushed the city to the music-scene forefront. Homegrown stars include the White Stripes, Von Bondies and Dirtbombs. Rap (thank you, Eminem) and techno are Detroit's other renowned genres. Many music aficionados say the city's blight is what produces such a beautifully angry explosion of sound, and who's to argue? Scope free publications like the Metro Times for current show and club listings.


With the completion of Little Caesars Arena in 2017, Detroit became the only city to host all its major league sports teams in the heart of downtown. What's more, they're all in the same neighborhood. Once something of a dead spot between downtown and Midtown, the District Detroit is now the hottest spot in the city for sports fans.