Downtown and Midtown are prime for stylish eats. Two nearby suburbs also have caches of hip restaurants and bars: walkable, gay-oriented Ferndale at 9 Mile Rd and Woodward Ave, and Royal Oak just north of Ferndale between 12 and 13 Mile Rds.

Corktown & Mexicantown

Corktown, a bit west of downtown, shows the city’s DIY spirit. Joints slinging burgers, cocktails and artisanal coffee drinks line Michigan Ave. Mexicantown, along Bagley St 3 miles west of downtown, offers several inexpensive Mexican restaurants.


Just north of downtown, Hamtramck boasts a thriving, no-frills international dining scene. The neighborhood was originally a Polish enclave, and a handful of Eastern European delis, restaurants and bakeries remain. In the last few decades, newcomers from South Asia and the Middle East have diversified Hamtramck menus, and local chocolatier Bon Bon Bon has set up shop. You'll find most of the action on Joseph Campeau St.


Greektown (centered on Monroe St) has a stretch of restaurants, bakeries and a casino.