Top Choice American in Denver

Steuben’s Food Service

Although styled as a midcentury drive-in, the upscale treatment of comfort food (mac and cheese, fried chicken, lobster rolls) and the solar-powered kitchen demonstrate Steuben’s contemporary smarts. In summer, open…
Top Choice Modern American in Denver


This is one of Denver’s most innovative restaurants. Smart, busy and upscale, yet relaxed and casual – just like Colorado – Rioja features modern cuisine inspired by Italian and Spanish traditions and powered by mod…
Top Choice Ice Cream in Denver

Sweet Action Ice Cream

Don’t wander past this neighborhood ice-cream parlor expecting the same old chocolate chip; the seasonal, house-made flavors include baklava, salted butterscotch and five spice. In the summer there are tons of fruit…
Top Choice Modern American in Denver

Root Down

In a converted gas station, chef Justin Cucci has undertaken one of the city’s most ambitious culinary concepts, marrying sustainable ‘field-to-fork’ practices, high-concept culinary fusions and a low-impact, energy…
Top Choice Tapas in Denver

Beatrice & Woodsley

Beatrice and Woodsley is the most artfully designed dining room in Denver. Chainsaws are buried into the wall to support shelves, there’s an aspen growing through the back of the dining room and the feel is that of …
Cuban in Denver

Cuba Cuba Café & Bar

Try the mango mojito at this swanky Cuban joint serving finger-lickin’ BBQ spareribs, flavor-packed fried yucca, scrumptious sandwiches and a sumptuous coconut-crusted tuna. The back patio offers fantastic sunset ci…
European in Denver

Palace Arms

The Napoleonic decor inside the award-winning restaurant of the Brown Palace Hotel dates back to the 1700s – check out the silver centerpiece commissioned by the British royal family. The food is as impressive as th…
Italian in Denver

Pizza Colore Express

Big portions of inexpensive pasta and wood-oven pizzas are served at this casual Italian restaurant. The food is delicious (especially considering the price).
Restaurant in Denver

Rocky Mountain Diner

If you're into things 'old-fashioned' and 'chicken-fried', then yee-haw yourself to this comfy-boothed, family-friendly restaurant. It serves sandwiches, salads and hearty American fare, and for the curious (and ver…
Barbecue in Denver

Vesta Dipping Grill

Pick your cut of meat, then choose from 30 different sauces to dip it into. It’s a simple concept that works exceedingly well. The melt-in-your-mouth quality of the creative dishes – many Asian-inspired – makes Vest…