Top things to do

Top Choice Museum in Fairbanks

University of Alaska Museum of the North

In an architecturally abstract igloo-and-aurora-inspired edifice sits one of Alaska’s finest museums, with artifact-rich exhibits on the geology, history, culture and trivia of each region of the state. You are gree…
Top Choice Organic in Denali National Park

229 Parks

South of McKinley Village, this stylish timber-frame hideaway is quintessentially modern Alaskan: locally owned, organic and fervently committed to both the community and environment. Everything is made on-site, inc…
Top Choice Pizza in Denali National Park

Prospectors Pizzeria & Ale House

Perennially busy and with good reason! Set in the Old Northern Lights Theatre building, this cavernous alehouse-cum–pizza parlor has quickly become one of the most popular eating establishments in the park area. In …
Top Choice Cafe in Denali National Park

Black Bear Coffee House

Serving coffee worthy of a hip Seattle-based barista, along with jolly decent coconut cake and mega-strong wi-fi, this place is a knee-weakening apparition to people who've been living off camping food for the last …
Top Choice Brewery in Denali National Park

49th State Brewing Company

You can have the best evening out in Denali at this multifarious place which is 1) a brewpub brewing its own fine ales; 2) a wonderful flame-grilled restaurant; 3) a live-music venue and 4) a dedicated purveyor of d…
Top Choice Breakfast in Talkeetna

Talkeetna Roadhouse

This venerable, colorful establishment has the best breakfast in town. Half-orders are adequate, full orders are mountain-sized. The restaurant also doubles as a bakery, cooking up giant cinnamon rolls in the mornin…
Top Choice Brewery in Fairbanks

Hoodoo Brewing Co

A new Pacific Northwest–style brewery with an on-site tasting room that's kitted out in modern, minimalist decor. Get the four-beer sampler, which includes a stout, IPA and some pale blonde beers with interesting Ge…
Seafood in Fairbanks

Alaska Salmon Bake

One popular eating event during summer in much of the state, but especially in the Southeast, is the salmon bake. It's an outdoor affair, with grilled locally caught salmon smothered with somebody's homemade barbecu…
Desserts in Fairbanks

College Coffeehouse

In Campus Corner Mall, this is one of the best spots in Fairbanks to pick up on the city's off-beat vibe. They often have live music.
Italian in Fairbanks

Gambardella’s Pasta Bella

In a city founded by an Italian, one would expect a decent ristorante and though Gambardella's can't compete with the chefs in Bologna or Catania, it's a welcome sight in Fairbanks – and very popular. Italophiles sh…