A few short, well-maintained trails web the park entrance area.

The Horseshoe Lake Trail, accessed by the railroad crossing at Mile 1.2 of Park Rd, is a leisurely 1.5-mile walk through the woods to the lake overlook, followed by a steep trail to the water’s edge and beaver dam at the end. The Taiga Loop Trail, also commencing from the railroad tracks, turns west from the Horseshoe Lake Trail and leads to both the Mt Healy Overlook Trail and the Rock Creek Trail.

The moderate, 2.3-mile Rock Creek Trail leads west to the Park Headquarters and dog kennels. You can hike this trail downhill from the headquarters end, where the trail begins just before Park Rd. From here it crosses Rock Creek but doesn’t stay with the stream. Instead, it climbs a gentle slope of mixed aspen and spruce forest, breaks out along a ridge with scenic views of Mt Healy and George Parks Hwy and then begins a rapid descent to its end at the Taiga Loop Trail.

The Roadside Trail parallels Park Rd and takes you 1.5 miles from the Denali Visitor Center to the dog kennels next to the park headquarters. The 1.6-mile McKinley Station Trail takes you from the visitor center to the Wilderness Access Centre and also connects with the Jonesville Trail to Canyon.