Museum in Death Valley National Park

Borax Museum

On the grounds of the Ranch at Furnace Creek, this museum explains what all the fuss about borax was about, with alluring samples of local borate minerals and their uses; it's in the 1883 miners' bunkhouse. Out back…
Historic Building in Death Valley National Park

Scotty's Castle

Closed due to flood damage and not likely to open for at least a few years (as of 2017), this whimsical castle is 3000ft above sea level and noticeably cooler than the valley floor. Walter E Scott, alias ‘Death Vall…
Farm in Tecopa

China Ranch Date Farm

Just outside Tecopa, this family-run, organic date farm is a lush oasis in the middle of the blistering desert. You can go hiking or bird-watching and, of course, stock up on luscious dates or try the yummy date-nut…
Museum in Shoshone

Shoshone Museum

Historic Building in Death Valley National Park

Amargosa Opera House

This 1920s Mexican colonial-style courtyard building was the social hub of Death Valley Junction but fell into disrepair after 1948. In 1967 New York dancer Marta Becket’s car broke down nearby. Marta fell in love w…
Landscape in Death Valley National Park

Badwater Basin

The lowest point in North America (282ft below sea level) is a foreboding but jawdropping landscape of crinkly salt flats. Here you can walk out onto a constantly evaporating bed of salty, mineralized water that’s o…
Landscape in Death Valley National Park

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

These Sahara-like dunes are at their most photogenic when the sun is low in the sky and are especially magical during a full moon.
Desert in Death Valley National Park

Racetrack Playa

The mysterious Racetrack Playa is a 28-mile trip south of Ubehebe Crater, via a tire-shredding dirt road that requires 4WD. From the natural 'grandstand,' you can observe large rocks that appear to have moved on the…
Viewpoint in Death Valley National Park

Dante's View

At 5475ft, the view here is absolutely brilliant at sunrise or sunset. You can simultaneously see the highest (Mt Whitney) and lowest (Badwater) points in the contiguous USA.
Viewpoint in Death Valley National Park

Zabriskie Point

If possible start out early in the morning to drive up to Zabriskie Point for spectacular valley views across golden badlands eroded into waves, pleats and gullies.