US dollar ($)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than $75

  • Dorm bed: $25–40
  • Takeout meal: $6–10
  • Beach parking: Free–$15

Midrange: $75–200

  • Two-star inland motel or hotel double room: $75–150
  • Rental car per day, excluding insurance and gas: $30–75

Top End: More than $200

  • Three-star beach hotel or resort double room: $150–275
  • Three-course meal (excluding drinks) in top restaurant: $75–100


Bargaining is not customary in shops, restaurants or farmers markets in California and may be seen as rude. About the only place where you may encounter it is in open, wholesale markets in DTLA, such as the Fashion District.


There are ATMs at the Ranch at Furnace Creek and in Stovepipe Wells.