Dearborn attractions

Museum in Dearborn

Henry Ford Museum

The indoor Henry Ford Museum contains a fascinating wealth of American culture, such as the chair Lincoln was sitting in when he was assassinated, the presidential limo in which Kennedy was killed, the hot-dog-shape…
Museum in Dearborn

Greenfield Village

Adjacent to the Henry Ford Museum (and part of its complex), outdoor Greenfield Village features historic buildings shipped in from all over the country, reconstructed and restored, such as Thomas Edison's laborator…
Factory in Dearborn

Rouge Factory Tour

See F-150 trucks roll off the assembly line where Ford first perfected his self-sufficient, mass-production techniques. Tours start at the Henry Ford Museum, from which a bus takes you over to the factory.
Museum in Dearborn

Arab American National Museum

The museum is a noble concept, located in a pretty, bright-tiled building, but it's not terribly exciting unless actor Jamie Farr's M*A*S*H TV-show script wows you. More intriguing are the culinary walking tours (2p…
Museum in Dearborn

Automotive Hall of Fame

Next door to the Henry Ford Museum, the interactive Auto Hall focuses on the people behind famed cars, such as Mr Ferdinand Porsche and Mr Soichiro Honda.