Top things to do in Dayton

Top Choice Museum in Dayton

National Museum of the US Air Force

Located at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, 6 miles northeast of Dayton, this huuuuge museum has everything from a Wright Brothers 1909 Flyer to a Sopwith Camel (WWI biplane) and the 'Little Boy' type atomic bom…
American in Dayton

Corner Kitchen

Simple wood tables, white panel walls and mismatched china plates set the mod-rustic tone at Corner Kitchen, a bustling diner-meets-French-cafe. Zingy cocktails sooth alongside meals of wine-steeped mussels, eggplan…
Historic Site in Dayton

Huffman Prairie Flying Field

This peaceful patch of grass looks much as it did in 1904 when the Wright Brothers tested aircraft here. A 1-mile walking trail loops around, marked with history-explaining placards. It's a 15-minute drive from the …
Historic Site in Dayton

Carillon Historical Park

The many heritage attractions include the 1905 Wright Flyer III biplane, a replica of the Wright workshop and an 1850s-style brewery where you can drink the wares.
Historic Site in Dayton

Wright Cycle Company

Browse exhibits in the original building where Wilbur and Orville developed bikes and aviation ideas.