Dayton attractions

Top Choice Museum in Dayton

National Museum of the US Air Force

Located at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, 6 miles northeast of Dayton, this huuuuge museum has everything from a Wright Brothers 1909 Flyer to a Sopwith Camel (WWI biplane) and the 'Little Boy' type atomic bom…
Historic Site in Dayton

Huffman Prairie Flying Field

This peaceful patch of grass looks much as it did in 1904 when the Wright Brothers tested aircraft here. A 1-mile walking trail loops around, marked with history-explaining placards. It's a 15-minute drive from the …
Historic Site in Dayton

Carillon Historical Park

The many heritage attractions include the 1905 Wright Flyer III biplane, a replica of the Wright workshop and an 1850s-style brewery where you can drink the wares.
Historic Site in Dayton

Wright Cycle Company

Browse exhibits in the original building where Wilbur and Orville developed bikes and aviation ideas.