Landmark in Dalton Highway

Atigun Pass

At 4739ft, the Atigun Pass is the only road pass through the Brooks Range. We'd call it 'dramatic,' but that's sort of like calling the Sahara sandy; the sheer rock walls of the pass rise from spindly taiga (boreal …
Visitor Center in Coldfoot

Arctic Interagency Visitor Center

This impressive $5-million structure was opened in 2004 and features museum-quality displays about the Arctic and its denizens. There's a small series of paths on the outskirts that lead to a decidedly unnatural won…
Museum in Wiseman

Wiseman Historical Museum

Located near the entrance to town, this museum is only open to tour-bus groups, but individual travelers might try to see if Wiseman’s wise man, Jack Reakoff, is around. This engaging, urbane trapper will discourse …